Tevar and Lovely to create a havoc in Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala

Tevar and Lovely to create a havoc in Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala

Amira becomes angry when she finds Alexander's kulfi worries. Alexander forgot Kulfi for his lies and embraced him. Emira became worried that Alexande

A new entry to intensify drama in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Amira becomes angry when she finds Alexander’s kulfi worries. Alexander forgot Kulfi for his lies and embraced him. Emira became worried that Alexander did not penalize Kulfi to hide his identity. Kulfi tells Alexander that his uncle has prepared him to save a boy from an unknown danger. Alexander cries after listening to Kulfi’s sobing story. Alexander tries to explain the struggles of Kulfi and the need to lie. The emir goes out and meets Tevar, who gives him solace. They broke Amira’s truth that she is her real father, who becomes shocked for the amira. Love wants back Lovely in your life. Lovely lied to the emirate and keeps it away from her. Lovely wonder why Kulfi lied to the family about his sex After that, he investigates Kulfi’s mother’s bud, hopefully there are some signs about Kulfi’s parents.

Kulfi is keen to entrust Nimrat’s diary to Alexander and to know about his father. He tells Alexander to get his luggage and potlies, which can help him a lot. Alexander tells him that when he comes home he can examine everything. She tells him to get it well before. She is happy to get another daughter.

Lovely meets Sikander’s talented diary Nimrat, which includes his songs. When she knows that Kulfi is Nimrat’s daughter, she goes away. She understands that Kulfi has come to find the city to find her father, and yet Kulfi is unaware that Alexander is his father. He thinks of concealing this truth for the emirate. He can not keep his life due to his kulfi. Kulfi remembered Nimrat’s bottle. Alexander pleases him and promises to help him find his father. He is very sorry to know his struggles in the city.

Alexander Pampers Kulfi with love They get designer for Kulfi. She asks jobs what Kulfi likes. Clothes are worn like kulfi amira. Alexander praised Kulfi in the girl’s getup and praised it. He embraces the Kulfi. She gets more love than Alexander. Kulfi is very happy to get a new place in Alexander’s family. She lives as a girl. He is happy that he got rid of lies. He tells the family that even he was not happy even lying to him, it was difficult for him to remain as a boy. He embraced Babe and Mohinder and took his blessing. They know the identity of Kulfi that it belongs to the family of Alexander. He hugged Kulfi and loved him a lot.

Lovely creates a shock for the family. Mohinder asks Lovely what he is doing with Kulfi if he will feed the poisonous milk to Kulfi. He admitted that he has added poison to milk, but he does not need to worry because he is not for his beloved kulfi, but for himself and for Amira. She asks Lovely if she has lost her mind.

She tells Mohinder that the emira and she will leave Sikander’s life, then the family can be happy with Kulfi. She hides the truth that Amira has sent Califi with Dawood and has put him in trouble. She says that Amira also lives in this house, but everyone hates her so much that after the return of Kulfi no one is asking about her. She emotionally blacks up Mohinder and tells him not to reveal Alexander’s truth to Kulfi. She tells him that if Babe and she tell the truth to Alexander that Kulfi is the daughter of Alexander and Nimrat, then Alexander will be mad with happiness and will love Kulfi, he will not care for Amit anymore. He prevents them from revealing the truth so that the future of the emirate is secure. Mohinder and Babe stopped Lovely from drinking poisonous milk and promised that they would not tell the truth to Alexander. Lovely developed hatred for Kulfi. He threatens suicide to get things under his control.