Naagin Season 3 28th July 2018 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 3 28th July 2018 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 3 28th July 2018 Written Episode Update Bela comes to the Jamini. Jamini says so angry, after coming, I'm attacking me. She says that

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Naagin Season 3 28th July 2018 Written Episode Update

Bela comes to the Jamini. Jamini says so angry, after coming, I’m attacking me. She says that you should know about auspicious beginning. Bela says that I will not harm you the Wish. Jamini says that I am marrying her, a witch is marrying a nagin. She laughs and says that people are getting modern in our world. She tells him that if Wish marries him, he will lose all his powers and then you will also lose your problem. Bela is angry. The grandmother asks if she wants to fight and says that fight today. He shows his hand Bella removes his poisonous tongue. Sumitra comes along with Shekhar’s wife. Jamini says that Bela was giving her tips on keeping her husband happy. Bela tells them that she will bring Jamini. Sumitra and Mukti go Bela tells her to come. Jamini says that she is very excited to go. Bella feels somebody

Following me, Jamini asked, do you accept your defeat? Bela tells her to see and says that you will push your head. She takes her to the pavilion. Desire is sitting in the pavilion The master asks if he wants to run away. Rehan says no, no. The salvation tells them to come soon.
Jamini says that marriage is a barbadi and it is said to start reverse counting. The South Rehan disturbs. Mukti thinks why Jamini is trapped on the way. The liberation calls them and sees Dupta. They become worried. Sumitra asked the lady to check that where they are. Bella takes out a house from the house as a nagin. He threw it on the ground. Jamini falls. Bela asks him to get up and says that Vish is my friend, not my maid. He said that I told you to go, but you did not agree. Now see what I can do, I have to kill you. The grandmother laughs and says that what you think is that you have lost me. She tells you what you think that you brought me here and says that I brought you here so that I can face you alone. She says that you have given me a chance to yourself and tell me that she is a bunny mother’s ear, and my search is for me. Bela says that you want to take a witch nagani baali. Gemini flies in the air and laughs.

Jamini says that today your story will end Nagrani with my hand. He screams and makes noise that makes Bella unconscious and he falls. Jamini says that now anyone can save you from me. Mahir says that someone had forcibly taken them. ACP man said that he was keeping an eye on Bela, did not know where they disappeared. Shekhar says that if marriage was in my house then it would be a marriage. Andy scolds him and says that there is some drama every time. Kuhu asks him to rest Pulomi says that Andy is right and asks Panditji to read the purification mantra for the house. Bela assumed that Jamini had accepted Bela. In the Jamini cave, the temple takes Bella. She asks Bella to get up. Bela receives consciousness and listens to her.

Mahry says that Bella’s phone is not connecting. Pulomi tells that they can be in pillars. Andy asked him not to speak like uneducated. Shekhar asked ACP for doing something. Rahaana / Wish thinks that he will be saved and saved. Mahry says to Sumitra that he has to go and find Bella. Wish comes to the temple and prays for Bela. She tells God that where Bela is. Bella asks why did you bring me here, what do you want? Jamini says that the last time you were saved, you will not do this. She says that this Kankali Maa temple is and she asks to lie silently. She says that I will give you head and take a sword in her hand. He closes his eyes and reads the mantra. Bella becomes a snake and tries to bite it. Jamini says that you got so much strength. Bela comes in human incarnation and asks why you want to kill me. Jamini says that she wants to become immortal and will rule over three lock. I can kill someone and destroy them. Bela says that you can use your power to improve someone. Jamini laughs and says that she is not a witch, a ghost, and a Bhagat. They have no rules. She says that you are the owner of Nagami because you are talking. Bela says that nobody is her boss, Bhol Nath is her boss and I am only serving her. Jamini says that I will not come in your talks and will say it silently to lie.

He makes Bella a voice to unconscious, but nothing happens to him. Bela says that you know everything and do not know that Nag does not listen to anything. I did not hear your screaming but only you were unconscious listening to it. Gemini is shocked. Bela says that the snake has not heard any noise, they feel movement. He said that you worked according to me. That sword falls Jamini says that you are like me and ask where your rules are now. Bela says that I am not greedy with power, and can not do anything wrong. Jamini says that you came here to take revenge but were dying for the fatal attraction of the killer. She says that you love your heart and love for human beings. You have lost it, Bela says that it is not so.

Jamini says that you forgot your revenge due to Mahar. Bela asked her not to take the name of the woman. The Gemini asks that when you hit Rehan, why can not you kill the woman? She says that you take care of Mahri and say that I saw that Mahar was jealous when Rehan was running behind you. Bela tells her to keep quiet. On the tail of Jamini sword and Bela takes attack. Bella screams. Wish alert Beela is in danger and prays for him. She looks at Bela in the cave with Jamini.

Mahir comes in the temple. Desire hides by looking at it. Mahir called the Kahu and said that Bela is not here. He tells God to protect Bella until he reaches there. Wish listens to him and he prays. Bela killed Jamini and said that you do not know the serpent. Jamini says that I do not need a sword to kill you, and says that my nails are enough. She tries to tamper with her nails on Bella’s body, Bella holds her hand and quarrels with her.

She is on the way and thinks that maybe Bela went to the cave and maybe even Rehan. She thinks she will not let anything happen to her. Bella laid a bail bond with her tail and hit it. She says that I will take my revenge one day, but you will never get embezzlement. Jamini says that I will not leave you. She falls into the pit pit and goes inside. Wish comes there and asks Bella that she is fine. Thank God for protecting Nagrani. The woman arrives and calls Bela. Wish becomes Rehana and Bella come in the incarnation of a wife. The master asks what happened and where is the Jamini? Bela saw the hand of Jamini. Jamini completely drowned. Rahan tells Bella that they will tell him everything. He tells that Jamini was a woman and was running from jewelery. She shows jewelry bags. Bela doubted her and told me also. He followed her. Bela says that she saw him removed from the window and followed him. Mahin asks why did not you call me? Bela says that I tried your number, but … she says that she tells Rehan again.

Rahane tells Mahar to know that you are stressed because of us and say that there is nothing between us, we are just friends and say that we were talking to him because I wanted to know about Jamini from him . The master asks, ‘Where is Jamini?’ Bela says she has run away. He says that why did not you tell me and said that his gang was here. Rehan says what he would have said, and he says that Anu and my father hate him and believe him wrong. He says that I am doing this and need to break. I had enough and wanted to leave this country. Bela says that I’m glad you are not in danger. Rehan says that I am also happy and ask him to be safe. Mahi Sumitra receives the call and she tells her that Bela and Rehan are safe. Mahila Concerns for Bella. Man of mind … .song plays. He says that he was getting bad ideas as if he lost it. Bela remembered Jamini’s words and said she wants to go home.

The addicts jumps from the drawer and falls to the ground. Sumitra says that Jamini is a thug and says that I do not believe. Pulomi says that my left eyes were blinding him. Andy says that you have made garlands for him. He says that he is happy because the jewelry has been saved. Sumitra says that our real jewel is safe and talks about Bella. She asks him not to risk his life and say that they all know that he loves them. He prays for his pair. Pulomi prayed for a pair of first and Sahani. Sumitra says that I have decided to leave this house. Andy asks what she tries to talk about. Pallomi embraces Sumitra and says that you have taken the right decision and asked to remove the car from Andy. Sumitra asked her to go to her house and said she is going to her mother’s house with her family. Andy explains that there is nothing inauspicious about the house. Pulomi says that Andy had gone to the police station here. Vyar says okay, we will go to Nani’s house and we will assure Andy. Sumitra hugged her and said that you are the best son. Bela thinks and looks at the words of Jamini.

AU ACP comes in the house. The ACP asks if Bella has been kidnapped. Anu says that I did not go to Rehan’s wedding and say that he was very humiliated in the house. She tells him to take Ravi. The ACP tells her to go and says she is closed today. He says that all officers went to find him. Anu asked them to trust and once they started meeting Ravi. ACP says okay. Rehan / Wish called for liberation and said that he is going to New York and will not be in contact with anyone, and Dad asks to understand. Wish comes in his incarnation and says that this story has ended. Someone / maybe Arvind comes and does not say so far. The desire seems shocking