Mahakaali 28th July 2018 Written Episode Update

Mahakaali 28th July 2018 Written Episode Update

Mahakaali 28th July 2018 Written Episode Update scene 1 Parvati told Shiva that Indra instigated the masses, killed them so that they could provok

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Mahakaali 28th July 2018 Written Episode Update

scene 1
Parvati told Shiva that Indra instigated the masses, killed them so that they could provoke Devantak, tell me if I am worried about the coming storm? Tell me. Shiv says that there is nothing with it. Parvati says how will we handle it? If there is the power of Devantak, which can be killed only by using the brain, power and sensitivity. A faithful King Vishnupupta comes there and says that I have come to thank Parvati and Ganesh, you have saved my laws and my people by killing Nartak, I am sorry that if I have come at the wrong time but I My daughters are here to thank you. Their daughters come there. They say that my daughters wanted to meet Mahakali so I could not stop them. Girls salute Parvati. One girl says that my name is Siddhi (sensitivity) and the other says that my name is Buddha (mind). Parvati is listening to the smile.

Devantak is angry

And throws things around Indar says that I understand your anger but you have to eliminate Ganesha, she is sensible and can find a way to kill you as she killed your brother, go and take revenge for your brother because you Can eliminate Devantak asks why do you want Devraj? Indar says that my position of Devraj was taken, I hate him, I will eliminate him, will you go alone? Devantak says that I will use my powers to finish them. Indra smirks Devantak brings his army and says, I will fight with my enemies, I will be with you. Indra thank him and leaves. Devantak says that Indra tried to fool me but I would cheat him.
Parvati tells Vishnu that Devantak is behind Ganesh because he killed Naranak, we want your help for this. Vishnu asks for order. Parvati says that we want your daughters to marry Ganesha and become part of our family. Vishnu says that it will be our honor. Shiva asks if he accepts his proposal? Vishnu says that do not embarrass me, this is the honor of making a relationship with your family, but how will Devantak be eliminated? Parvati says that your work is Goddess to show the right path, Buddha is knowledgeable, there are the powers of Ganesha, if they come together three then it can eliminate Devantak. Vishnu says that I agree but if he is still a child then how will he marry? Parvati says that we will use our powers to bring them together, we will be wandering them so that their powers can end the coalition and we have to talk to the children before this. Shiva says that I will talk to Ganesha, Parvati says that I will talk to Sidhi and Buddha.

Ganesh asked Shiva how can I marry? I am a child and I do not think Sidhi and Buddha will agree that when we went to our village, they got angry with us because we did not let them kill their enemies.

Parvati talks to Buddha and Sidhi and says that was your encounter with Ganesh not pleasant? This happened to me and Shiva too, but think about it, I will not force you anything, tell me your decision.

Ganesh told Shiva that you are planning against me, Shiva says that no, I am just telling you that if you agree with it then you will get married in adulthood but you will remain tied in one relationship, the final decision will be yours So think about this.

Ganesh, Buddhi and Siddhi come to Parvati and Shiva. Parvati says that let us know your decision and it will be final. Shiva says that women will first tell their decision. Siddhi and Buddha say that we agree with this marriage. Shiva asks Ganesh. Ganesh says that I am sorry but I do not agree with this marriage. See all.

Indra comes to her place, her daughters ask if everything is fine? Inder says that soon Devendak will destroy the gods and I will get back my status, do not worry, Devantak has promised to hurt me and my loyalists, so we will stay here and stop the entire Kailash Devantak Will try but they will not be able. His daughter says that I do not agree to go against Kailash, Indar says that you are going against your father because Kartika had saved you once? Let the Devantak kill Kailash He hears the force and sees the Devantak coming with his power. Devantak says that I am not a fool to go to Kailash, I will kill you and take all my gods, then I will call my enemies here. Their army starts fighting with Indra. Agni thinks to inform Parvati and Shiva.

Parvati asks Ganesh why she is against this marriage? Ganesh says because I can not say yes without agreeing with my heart. Shiva says that it is about his deeds. Kartika says how will we fight with Devandak? Fire comes and says that Devantak has started the destruction, he will kill all the gods. Kartika tells Ganesha that we have to eliminate Devantak. Ganesh said. Kartika summoned her birds and leaves with Ganesh. Buddha and Siddhi that we want to be part of this battle. Shiva says that you will be an important part of this war.

Indra takes her daughter Devseen and asks him to stay away from Devantak. Devantak comes there. Indra asked to go to Devasena, she ran away. Indra tries to attack Devantak but he laughs and says that your weapons are useless at me. She catches Indra and says that you have to die, but I have to show her standard first, she throws it.
Devasena is running but the forces of Devantak revolve around it.

Kartika tells Ganesh why did not you say that for marriage? How will we kill the Devantak? Ganesh says that we will get a solution, Shiva told me that we will get an answer for our actions. They see Devsena hanging on the rock and calling for help. The army of Goddess is coming to her. Kartika tells Ganesha that Devantak goes, I will help him, he leaves. Ganesha says that the father was right, we will find solutions for the deeds, Devantak will now die.

Scene 2
Devasena falls off the rock but Kartika jumps and protects it. When they share the eyelock, he smiles at him and says you saved me again. Kartika says that we can do one thing over and over again.

Ganesha attacked Devandak Siddhi and Buddha also come there. Devantak says that the killer of my brother is here. Ganesh says that I freed him and I too will release you. They both attack each other, Devantak falls. Mahakali comes there. Devantak says what the son could do, what mother has come to do? You can not kill me She says yes but I can hurt you, she attacks her. Indra says where is Devsena? She goes to find her. Shiva also comes there.

Kartika takes her bird to Devasena and they fly away.

Indra told Mahakali that I am sorry, please forgive me. Mahakali says that you have a chance to improve your mistakes. Kartika and Devasena come there. Mahakali asks if they will marry each other? They said. Mahakali says to Indar that you have a long way to repent for this mistake starting with this marriage. Indar says that I bless this marriage but how will we eliminate Goddess? Mahakali says that it will happen.

Ganesha tells Sidhi and Buddha that you are good with me to kill Devantak. They say we can help you. He says that I do not need help. Parvati tells Ganesha that Devasena is with us now, are you still against Sidhi and Buddha with this marriage? He shakes his head

Devantak tells Ganesha that there is no power in this world that can end me. Ganesha says that you are very proud. Siddhi and Buddha give their powers to Ganesha. Ganesha grows in size and looks in Devantak. Devant was shocked and says how can this happen? Shiva, you blessed me Shiva says that you were proud that any power can kill you but they have three powers to kill you. Devantak is called, but these three powers are different and not one. Parvati says that Siddhi has the power to show sensitivity and is the brain of Buddha but they are combined due to the walqan and now they have joint powers which will end you. Ganesh attacked the attacker Devantak dies and goes away. Smile all Ganesh takes his place back. Shiva says that the great battle son, Ganesh ended the evil so that he would be called Ganapati. Indar says that I am sorry for my mistakes, I will repent for my mistakes. Parvati says that the end is good, we should go back to Kailash. Sidhi and Buddha salute them. Parvati Smile in Shiva

Shiva and Parvati sit. Parvati says that I am grateful for your guide, my honor, honor, everything is connected with you, I found you and found my journey. Shiva says that your journey has given me a reason, Parvati says that I thought that my journey would end, but you have learned that the end has begun, with your guide, I am blessed with Mahakali In the form of its powers Shiva says that I have done all this for me, if you are here I am here, you are the power of this universe. Parvati says, but you showed me the right path, now I understand that every problem is solved, I am calm because I know that you are always with me, my sons marriage is confirmed, so I am in peace I have done my part, to protect the universe and to do my work as a woman, I feel that all my desires are full and I am in peace. Shiva gets disturbed and thinks that you said Parvati? If you do not have any desire then no desire and hope will be left in the universe; now you are finished and now nobody will be safe. Shiva says that the final journey of Mahakali will now start and it will end.

Vishnu told Shiva that Mahakali no longer has any wish that will destroy the world, its beginning will end now, the earth will see the results first.

On earth, flowers become hairy. A man asks the priest what is this? The priest says that I do not know, I think the end is coming, it does not know how big the problem is now.

The priest told Shiva that the deadly log will disappear from the first earth, how will we fight with it? Shiva says that Mahakali will get a solution, I am confident that he will be able to find a solution which will eventually bring a new start.

Parvati says why do I feel bothered? Everything is fine. Shiva comes there. Parvati says that I want to talk to you, everything is fine but I think something is going to go wrong. Shiva says that you can know everything, how do you see the situation, do not know whether you are troubled about the good thing to come or not. Parvati says that you have to answer me, you can not ask me to find everything. Shiva says that you have to get the answer related to the answer. You have to come with me for the prayers because I am going to make a cave with everyone. He sees