Laal Ishq 28th July 2018 Written Episode Update

Laal Ishq 28th July 2018 Written Episode Update

Laal Ishq 28th July 2018 Written Episode Update Aditya / etc. Your fiance travels in the car in his village in West Bengal / WB with happiness. His

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Laal Ishq 28th July 2018 Written Episode Update

Aditya / etc. Your fiance travels in the car in his village in West Bengal / WB with happiness. His uncle Majumdar asks how he is. He says God because people of the city like to change and not like the villagers who do not want to change. Uncle says that his father Chaudhary Saheb will be very happy to see him. Etc. They say that he can also tell about his father. Uncle feels bad Adi sees busy pleasure on mobile and asks what she is browsing. Happiness said that it is the first Bengali who is a botanist, a botanist. He further said that WBB is unique, even the name of its devil and aunt is unique, Shashuni .. Majumdar asked him not to take the name of Chukale. Heavy air flows and the car is closed. Mazumdar goes out of the driver with fear and says that he took the name of Chundel and the car stopped. Padded on the tree is seen. Majumdar

Shashuni travels around the lake and if someone goes to the evening, then she lives on the tree and especially kills newly married bride. Eddy laughs Happiness says he is eager to see his mansion. Etc. says that he hates his father because he rules this village because Choudhury misuses the villagers superstition, so he has not gone to his house for a long time. Happiness asked Majumdar in the condition of repairing the car. Majumdar says yes. They all come in the car and leave that place. The hand of the witch is shown on the tree.
Prepares velocity paneer dish for the mansion, Chaudhri etc. His servant Ghosh praised that the altar would be very happy to see the dishes. Chaudhary hopes that he likes etc because he has not returned home for years. Comes home with happiness, etc. Their mother makes her aarti with other women. Ghosh salutes him. Adi is happy to see him and asks whether Chaudhary Saheb is busy or not. Ghosh says that he is, but not for the sake of etc. Chaudhari goes to greet Adi. Happiness touches your feet. He touches his feet back and says that he considers the woman as a mother and she is her bumma and deserves respect. He tells Ghosh to arrange a pleasure bed in his father’s room next to the room of Adi and call the priest for the wedding mughur. Etc. They say that he returned here only on one condition that the marriage will be tomorrow and he will be after the marriage. Choudhury happily says that he will worship all night because tomorrow is the new moon and tomorrow all evil will be in full power. Ghosh says that evil can harm anyone, they are very powerful. Chaudhary happily asks to go and relax. Joy goes to the room of Eddie’s grandfather and sees his big painting on the wall. Then he opens the window and sees a tree there, remembering Majumdar’s words that the Shashuni lives on the tree and will harm the newly married bride. Then she thinks that it is all superstition. After that, he hears the anglate sound and sees the ankle with no trunk and the trunk door shaking. He walks to the frightening trunk and chooses anglate and relaxes. After that he sees the Bengali bride sari and makes an item with the crown of Bengali bride. Then she sees herself screaming in a Bengali style in the bride’s dress and shouting room. He sees the groom sitting in front of Havan for worship. The child changes and he is shocked to see Adi’s grandfather. Grandfather moves towards him and his panics. Adi touches her behind Happy Pannix and says that he saw his grandfather. Edi laughs and asks her to rest. They sit on the sofa. She gets romantic. He reminds that he had promised not to be intimate till his marriage. He is afraid that he is watching his grandfather. Happiness scares him He says that he was just joking about hugging her. He scolds him. She tells him to sleep and does not bother about the loose talk of others. Roaming is seen in Shashuni house.

The next morning, an old woman bent towards the house standing near the tree. Happiness went out of the house The woman catches her and says that she knows that she has come to marry her, she should go back and save her life. She says that Adi’s grandfather used to love a woman and wanted to marry her, but according to the superstitious ritual, the woman had been abandoned before marriage, she has come to the female husband and she revolves around the haveli. Joy comes Panics Choudhury. She says that the old lady sees the woman disappearing. She explains what happened. He asks him that he should not pay any attention to anybody and be ready to worship tonight. He gives him a sacred pooja thread and asks him to keep it in the form of security. The dock passed Chaudhary and ordered to order Ghosh to make arrangements for understanding. Etc. have warned that no innocent animal will harm the wrong superstition, he will not let this happen.

Happiness goes back to his room and wears the bride dress and crown in the night. She sees the old woman dead in front of the tree. After that, he looks at the signature in his cut throat mirror signaling. Joy keeps the panics and the sacred thread, the zodiac disappears, joy leaves the thread in fear, Shashun is again visible. Happiness comes to the mother of the Panics etc. And she takes it along with shouting in Bengali style. Chaudhary asks Ghosh whether he has made arrangements for sacrifice, he has sent etc to the temple and he will not come until the rituals are completed. After that he goes into the room of happiness and acts as a schizophrenic, says that he has to follow old rituals for the well-being of the family, that old lady tried to tell that daughter-in-law sacrificed before marriage Goes and becomes a mascot, now he has to relinquish his family to protect the genealogy and rule this village. He tries to run. He pushed it. Etc. returns home Ghosh is afraid to see him and asks why he came so soon. Etc. what they are sacrificing, where the animal is, becomes suspicious, tells the sword on Ghosh’s neck and orders to speak. Ghosh tells about Bauma / Happiness. Adi is looking for happiness … Chaudhri is happy neck slips and dies. Eddie reaches and shocked at seeing. He tries to revive happiness, but sees him dead. He says that he will end this superstition once and kill his throat and die. Chaudhary is crying.