Ishqbaaz 30th July 2018 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 30th July 2018 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 30th July 2018 Written Episode Update Shivay says that tell them what happened between us, we spent the night together. Anika asked him to

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Ishqbaaz 30th July 2018 Written Episode Update

Shivay says that tell them what happened between us, we spent the night together. Anika asked him to stop, how much he would lie. She says that there is nothing between us. He says why you are lying, why are you scared, you are lying, there is no need to scare if you love me, am I stupid, Nikhil is definitely stupid, if someone The girl leaves her … Sohil’s mother says Shagun. She says good, okay, if a girl leaves the emperor rasool and spend the whole night with someone else, then what will it mean … .. Anika cries. Shivay says that you knew about it, you came to my house. Nikhil recalls. Shivay says that you were screaming and asking about Anika.Ishqbaaz 30th July 2018 Written

Anika says she is lying, I was not with her, I went to save her anklet. Shivay says that do not lie, do not humiliate my love, why did not it understand, why was it

Anika wore someone else’s ring at the engagement, why did she wear her ring in the wrong ring? He laughs Anika says that Shiva, please stop it, keep quiet, there is no such thing, Shiva is lying. He asks that this is all a lie, wait a minute, let me prove to me immediately. She plays a video on the screen. Everyone sees Anika with Shiva, they look closer. Shivay asks if you can deny our love, you can not reject it. Anika says that nothing has been shown in this. Nikhil says that now stop it, now there is no use to interpret, it was my mistake in believing in your lie, your truth has come, you are a cheap and a naïve girl.Ishqbaaz 30th July 2018 Written
She says listen to me She says that I do not want to marry Anika. Gauri asked Nikhil to listen to Anika. Anika gave me a chance. He said that you have defamed me before the whole community today. He throws the turban and goes away. People dictate Anika. Anika insults and screams bears. People leave Sahil’s mother says that you have humiliated us very much. Gauri tells him to stop. Sahil’s mother said that she was worried because of her bad deeds, she destroyed herself and us, who would now marry her. Anika stops Shivay and asks why did you do this by doing all this, by defaming me, what did I do? He asks that you do not know. He said that I did not do wrong. He says that whatever you did is beyond the wrong. He asked what I did. He says that I will show you what you have done, come on. She says I’m not coming anywhere. He says that no one can refuse me. She picks it up and goes. Gauri tries to stop him. She keeps Anika in the car and drives it. Look at Gauri and Sahil’s mother. Om called Shiv Sena, he says where Shiva had gone. He asks Khanna to find out where Shiva is, he got out of the hospital in very angry.

Priyanka asks Shiva to Anika She asks what happened to Priyanka. He says that you are responsible for this. She does not say, Priyanka, please get up. She says she can not hear you, she is in coma, because of that, look at her, she is the same Priyanka, who used to smile, I could not tolerate her some pain, and she is lying here. Condition and I am not able to do anything, Priyanka has treated you as a friend, she gave you a job, what you did in the house, in return, you removed everything from her, you were rude, her life was ruined. Anika says that I did not know that all this will happen, I wish to save Priyanka from the southern, so that she does not marry the wrong person, the southern is a cheap man, Payal is pregnant with her child, when Payal and me …. Who asks.Ishqbaaz 30th July 2018 Written

She says Payal, I came to hide in your house …. He says, wait, decide whether you are telling the truth, Payal … Daksh and Payal come. Anika asks Paul that you are okay, what is doing with you, it is good that you have come, tell Shiva everything, whatever has been done with you, who is the father of your unborn child. Ankel asks what is nonsense, you mean I am pregnant, are you trying to say that I am defiant. Anika says that you are pregnant, you told me that the South is the father of your unborn child, she kidnapped you and made you captive … did you forget all this. Ankel asks that you are crazy, what are you nonsense, Shiva, I think that he has gone crazy, the southern is saying nonsense, do not know why he is trying to break our marriage. Efficiently say that I know this girl well, it should be her new game. Smile anklet Remember Southern. FB told Daksh to Payal that she just loves her and will marry her, Priyanka will not come out of coma, but she wants the money for Shiva’s financial security for her child, its impulse is that Tia and Shiva marry You do it, it is possible when he helps her. FB ends. Anil says that both of them have gone, I do not know whether Payal.Ishqbaaz 30th July 2018 Written

She says what my sister did to you, why did you push her to death, married me, and I will tell everything to Gauri. She says please …. Do not do this, marriage is not a joke, it is the bond of seven lives. He says that when my sister was getting married it was not a joke, it was a bond of seven lives. She cries. He says that you have made sure to break it, did not you know the meaning of marriage at that time, Pandit ji comes fast, marriage will happen now, we will get married. Anika says that you are doing wrong. He bites on his hand and runs away. His duptas fall on his face. She is in search of Anika. Anika goes where she does not find her.Ishqbaaz 30th July 2018 Written