A new entry to intensify drama in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

A new entry to intensify drama in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

There will be a new entry of Asi's mother, which will bring more drama in the marriage of Anand and Anmol and Kaira's life. The girl gets annoyed by k

Tevar and Lovely to create a havoc in Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala

There will be a new entry of Asi’s mother, which will bring more drama in the marriage of Anand and Anmol and Kaira’s life. The girl gets annoyed by knowing the lies of Manukhi’s pregnancy about pregnancy, thereby causing pregnancy illusion of the Naira. She tells everyone that she is calling the marriage of Anand and Anmol. They think that if such a thing can lie to children, then Rukmini can go to any extent for their greed. He does not want to make the alliance. Rukmani and Mohit requested the grandmother not to cancel the marriage for the pleasure of a litter and anmol. Kartik and Nayara worry that everything happened due to illusions. They celebrate to commemorate the bride to get married. The family will meet again for the next marriage ceremony. Women meet in the Mahendi festival. Everybody sings and dances at the grand function.

Kids get Kartik and urge them to dance. Kartik and Asi dance with gold, who tries to bring a closer to Kashi’s heart. He is happy that Karthik is away from the diamond. Naira is jealous of seeing Kartik with Asi. He smiles on seeing the happiness of Karthik. At dancing, Karthik falls near the hero. Naira gets worried. He gets the brain after seeing him. He stopped him from his avatar. Suvarna works hard to avoid nayara. His grin looks at the diamond.

Nayara supports Karthik. He has a glimpse and remembers his Mehndi festival. They have a weird moment. Kirti does not want to come between Ashi Kartik and Naira. Suvarna sent Asi to break Kaira’s moment. Kirti gets disturbed and argues with gold. Naira was reluctant to know the decision of Suvarna of Kartik and Ashi Marriage. Devyani broke the shocking news of Naira. The heroine is suffering from heart with the thought of losing Karthik. She learns that her mother Goenakas is coming. She does not realize that gold is planning to marry Karthik and her. She becomes happy and tells everyone that her mother is coming to Udaipur. Kirti asked Naks to support Suvarna’s plans to stop her. She wants to meet Karthik and Nayara fortune. Karthik and Nayara see the sweet gift of their love symbol, a dance couple, and become depressed. They remember each other, and are eager for each other’s partner.

When gift breaks inadvertently, Karthik suffers with heart. Kirti decided to reveal Suvarna’s hope and prevent Asi from agreeing to the coalition.

Asi threw a divorce party to please Karthik. Karthik is intoxicated and accepts his feelings for the Naira. He turns into Devdas. Asi takes Kartik to his room and gives him sleep. Manish is worried about Karthik, and scolds Asi to throw a divorce party. Asi apologizes to Manish. She tells Kirti and Manish that she did not want to hurt Karthik’s feelings. The gold tells Manish that this happened only because of the diamond, not the same. His hatred for Naira became high. She helps in marrying Kartik from Asi and moving forward. What will you decide? read on.